The Team

SamsupermanSamuel Jackson: Committee Chair.

Samuel Jackson is a 3rd year Statistics PhD student in the department of mathematical sciences at Durham University. The subject of his doctorate is Bayesian emulation. He has previously worked on projects involving high dimensional data.  During the course of his PhD he has also run a successful postgraduate seminar series called Stats4Grads.



Iman Al-hasani: Committee Vice-Chair.22-9-16 8932

Iman Al-Hasani is a PhD student in the mathematical sciences department at Durham University.  She is a part of statistics and probability group and her research work is in applied statistics, particularly in  marketing in e-commerce. She is studying the effectiveness of online advertising using Geo-experiment approach.

She was a participant at RSC2014 at Nottingham where  she decided to bring the RSC to Durham in 2017. Now, the RSC is here! But  this would not be possible without the department and  the enthusiastic students at Statistics and Probability group.

11221304_10204833428457474_8683401107352147388_oJames McRedmond: Head of Logistics.

James is a 2nd year PhD student studying Probability, with particular interests in random walks, convex hulls and random graphs. Having done his undergrad in Durham, he has now been fortunate enough to have lived in this beautiful city for 6 years. Interests outside of his work include playing or watching almost any sport, playing board games and occasionally being a technical director for local theatre groups.

Ben Lopez: Website designer.BenCoffee

Ben Lopez is a third year post graduate researcher interested in Bayesian emulation and Bayes Linear methods. Ben is using Bayesian Emulation to perform inference on X-ray images particularly for quality control and medical applications.



Themistoklis Botsas

Themistoklis is currently a PhD student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Durham University with interest in statistics, mathematical modelling and applications in petroleum engineering. When he manages to escape from his research, he likes reading literature, watching football and travelling.


Chak Hei LohugoLo

Chak Hei (Hugo) Lo is a third year Ph.D. student in the statistics and probability research group, working in probability theory.  He is currently under the supervision of Professor Mikhail Menshikov and Dr. Andrew Wade. His research is in probability theory and its applications. His interests include asymptotic behaviour of near critical system and random graph dynamics inspired by physics or other applications. Some of his recent work has been on random walks on half strips, and the center of mass of random walks. Alongside with his academic research, he is also a tutor on discrete mathematics and probability courses. He enjoyed and learnt much from the process of organizing this particular conference.

Junbin Chenimage1

Junbin Chen is currently a 2nd year PhD student in Durham University specialised in imprecise probability theory and non-parametric statistical models. He also served as postgraduate research student representative and proactively participated in the organisation of various events (Celebrate Science Durham, new students’ welcome party, RSC, etc.) in the department of mathematical sciences. Outside of his work, he is occasionally a board games player and long-distance runner.

NawaponNawapon Nakharutai

Pla (Nawapon Nakharutai) is a second year international PhD student in the imprecise probability group. Her ambitious research is to find a betting scheme to make money from a betting company. If she can find that, then she will quit her PhD with immediate effect. In the meantime, she is interested in cooking, reading manga and playing board games.


Marcelo Costa10915035_755477277862135_5160446316811954813_o%281%29 (1)

Marcelo is a 3rd year PhD student working on Probability theory with particular emphasis on stochastic growth models and random sequential allocation processes.