Keynote Speakers

Professor Denise Lievesley, Green Templeton College,  University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Playing in other people’s back yards

Denise Lievesley has worked a wide range of different statistical and managerial positions in the UK and in international agencies. She has made a number of ‘right angle turns’ in her career. She will talk about what she has enjoyed and what has motivated her, and will share some of situations where she would, with the benefit of hindsight, have made different decisions. Overall her career has been great fun and Denise will illustrate this in her talk with some examples of the wonderful statistical challenges she has tackled in her – very applied – work.

Professor Nicholas Bingham, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, London, UK

Abstract Coming Soon!

Professor Michael Goldstein, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Durham University, Durham, UK

Bayesian analysis for complex physical systems  modelled by computer simulators

Most large and complex physical systems are studied by mathematical models, implemented as high dimensional computer simulators. Each analysis of a physical system based on a computer simulator involves essentially the same underlying sources of uncertainty. This talk will give an overview of the methodology that is being developed to quantify and synthesise all of these uncertainties, within the framework of Bayesian statistics, and to use the resultant uncertainty specification to address problems of forecasting and decision making, with illustrations from current areas of application.

Dr Peter Avery, School of Mathematics & Statistics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Mosaics, warfarin, DVT and more

In this talk, I will talk about my career and some of the areas I have worked in.
I will begin with a paper from my DPhil on random selection coefficients in population genetics. Then I will talk about modelling chimaeric and mosaic mice from a paper from my period as a research fellow. Next I will be discussing the design and analysis of a large trial on the eating quality of cooked pork. Then a paper on modelling discrete state Markov chains from work with a PhD student of mine. Finally I will talk about two collaborative papers on modelling warfarin dose and assessing the usefulness of a screening device for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).