Conference Dinner: Great Hall of Durham Castle 

Durham Castle Great HallThe conference dinner on Thursday evening will be held in the great hall of Durham Castle.  Durham Castle is one of the premier banqueting venues in the North East.  The magnificent Great Hall can accommodate up to 200 guests for dinner.  Dining in this historical place will be a unique experience only to be found in Durham, providing an unforgettable evening that will be a fantastic end to the conference.  Dress will be relatively informal, but preferably avoid trainers, jeans or hoodies.

Durham Castle Tour 

There will be opportunity to go on a tour of Durham Castle.  Sitting at the heart of Durham’s World Heritage site and occupied continuously since the 11th century, the Castle is now home to the DurhamCastleGreatHallstudents of University College, part of Durham University. Durham Castle is a registered museum as well as a vibrant living and working community.

Visits to Durham Castle are by guided tour only. Tours are led by experts who explain the history of this iconic building illuminating modern castle life.  This fascinating journey through time brings to life the many rooms forbidden to the public at any other time (including the conference dinner).

Durham Cathedral 

Durham CathedralDurham Cathedral is one of the great buildings of Europe. Set grandly on a hill next to the Castle with the medieval city huddled below and the river sweeping round. The profile of the World Heritage Site is a spell binding sight ( Hogwarts pun intended) for the passengers of the East Coast rail line.  There will be opportunity to visit this enchanting  building (Hogwarts pun intended again) during the conference and attend an Evensong service sung by the cathedral choir. Being bewitched by the music is a magical experience  (Hogwarts puns intended again)  regardless of your faith or beliefs.

Durham Pub Crawl

Durham has some beautiful traditional pubs and there will plenty of opportunity to sample their beverages.